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A Message From Fr. Carlos Sierra

Posted : Jan-31-2021

Feast Day of St. Brigid of Kildare Our Patron Saint

If we did not have the current restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19, we would have been able, with the same devotion and enthusiasm as we had for the past 12 years, to prepare for the Feast of St. Brigid.

Thankfully, we have the means to communicate to our parishioners through our social media platforms.

St. Brigid of Kildare, what a great woman! What a great spiritual legacy for us to treasure! We are gifted by her life's spiritual achievements. We all are blessed in her holiness and constant intercession.

We all should continue relying on her protection since we all know that in the variety of her many miracles, she never left any human condition untouched. We can almost say that when there was a need or misery there was Brigid.

We can call her the protector of all our parishioners and we need to pray to her to protect us from the Coronavirus. Do not be afraid, go to her and place in her holy hands all your needs, all your sorrows, and all your miseries.

Fr. Carlos Sierra. Feburary 1, 2021