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Congratulations on the birth of your child! St. Brigid’s Church welcomes new members to its faith community. Baptisms typically take place on the fourth Sunday of every month, except in emergency circumstances.

Mandatory Preparation Classes are usually held on the Tuesday or the Wednesday prior to the Baptism Ceremony. Only one class is required and is usually held in the St. Brigid’s Chapel at 7:30 pm. The date, location and time will all be confirmed prior to the ceremony. Parents, Godparents and Christian Witnesses are required to attend the class. In the event of a scheduling conflict or proximity issues, the preparation class can be taken at a different Parish. All we require is a letter from the Parish pastor stating attendance, along with his signature.

A few things you should know about Baptism:

  1. By Baptism we enter into the life of our parish community. It is important, then, that the Baptism takes place where the parents regularly attend Mass. If St. Brigid’s is where Sunday Mass is normally attended, this is where your child should be baptized. Parents, who live elsewhere should make the local parish their place of worship, come to know the priests there, and celebrate the Baptism there.

  2. Baptism is only the beginning of life in the Church. In wanting your child baptized, you should be prepared to make a commitment to help your child grow in faith as he/she grows to maturity. This includes making spirituality and the love of Jesus important in family life, going to Sunday Mass regularly with your child, and preparing him/her for the other sacraments with the assistance of the faith community.

  3. Sponsors (i.e. Godmother and Godfather) should be an important part of your child’s faith development. Sponsors, therefore, should be active Catholics, have been baptized and confirmed, and be at least sixteen years of age. However, you may have one baptized non-Catholic as a Christian witness. You may also choose to have only one Godparent.

  4. It is customary to have the child dressed in white for the ceremony, or you may wish to dress your child in a special, white Baptismal garment. We will provide a candle for the ceremony.

  5. A suggested fee of $50 payable to the Parish should accompany the initial registration.

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