Portrait of Father Shibil

Welcome From Our Pastor and Parish Council

Dear Friends in Christ,

At St. Brigid's Parish, we try our best to live the many dimensions of our Christian faith as gifts expressed individually and communally.

Each of us is just one person.  When we come together in Church, we become family.  As God's family, we gather as sisters and brothers in Christ to share the greatest gifts of our Roman Catholic faith and traditions.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to find the time and opportunity to reach out to every one of our visitors or to new Parishioners.  The main reason for this WELCOME PAGE is to let you know how important you are to us. 

We also want to present on our website the ways we organize and implement our pastoral work and activities.  You too are welcome to share your talents with us in the many groups, ministries or other voluntary roles we have in our community.

At St. Brigid's we value each individual's talent.  We help those with interests in serving others through our pastoral organizations.  We invite you to share your particular talents with us. 

We strongly believe that through service to Christ, his Church, and one another, we encounter God's image that is cradled so deeply inside each of us, His wondrous creations.


Welcome to our Parish family,

feel at home,

and join us in serving our community together

as God's precious family.