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PAG Form

St. Brigid's Catholic Church

Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) Form

For your weekly offering, you have the easy and convenient option of Pre-authorized Giving (also referred to as P.A.G.)


Convenience. Your offering is received automatically every month.

You are still able to offer continual support to your Parish even when you are away.

Your contribution is tax-deductible. PAG is recorded monthly for tax purposes, whereas money you place in the collection basket that is not in a registered donation envelope is not recorded for tax purposes.


The regular and dependable flow of contributions to the Parish. Reduction of paperwork and data entry.


I hereby authorize St. Brigid’s Parish to debit my bank account or credit card on the 15th day of each month as my/our monthly offertory donation (not including special collections) and to allocate it as follows (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY):

$______________ to the regular offertory collection

$______________ to the Restoration / Building Fund

$______________ Total to St. Brigid’s Parish

Name of Donor:______________________________________ Envelope Number:_________

Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________ Phone Number:_____________________

Name of the Bank/Trust Company/Credit Union: (Please attach a void cheque or bank letter)

_________________________________________________ Branch:_______________________

Account Number:_________________________________________________________________


Credit Card: ___ MasterCard ___VISA ___AMEX

Card Number:________________________________________________ Exp:_______________
                                                                                                                                (month / year)

Name On Credit Card:_____________________________________________________________

Signature:_______________________________________________ Date:__________________

Please return this form by email to: stbrigid@rogers.com or by mail at: 300 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto, ON M4C 1S6.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office by phone at (416) 696-8660 or by email at stbrigid@rogers.com.

Thank you for your contribution to St. Brigid’s Catholic Church.