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First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion 2020 / 2021


Greetings from St. Brigid’s Catholic Church!

We would like to extend an invitation for the preparation of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion to your child for this coming season, 2020-2021.

It is important that we walk with our children in their journey of faith; it is a joyous obligation for parents to share the sacraments, which nourish our discipleship with the Lord. Every child, however limited, is capable of growth in holiness. At St. Brigid’s Church, we also offer special catechesis programs for children with special needs in all the Sacraments.

Due to the current pandemic and the WorshipSafe guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Toronto, the Catechesis program will be conducted online. Once we have determined the number of registrations, we will provide you with all the details of the online lessons and ceremony dates. There will be 12 lessons and along with the lessons, we also encourage you and your child to also attend Mass on a weekly basis. The Sacrament of Reconciliation Ceremony is usually scheduled in mid-April and the First Holy Communion ceremony in early May. This however will depend on the state of the pandemic at that time.

Who can receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion?

  • In Grade two or higher and

  • If your child is a Baptized Catholic
    To have your child baptized, please contact the Parish Office at 416-696-8660.

    To Register your child for the Sacraments

    Click on the following link  for the Registration Form

    Complete the form and submit it along with a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate plus the registration fee to the Parish Office Monday to Friday 9:30 am-4:30 pm. The registration deadline date is October 30th, 2020.

    Checklist for Registration:

    Completed Registration Form
    Copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate
    Registration Fee $50.00 (can be paid in cash or by cheque payable to St. Brigid’s Church)

    If you have any questions please contact the Sacrament Administrator at 416-696-8660 or by email at Thank you for your co-operation in this extraordinary time.

In Christ,

Fr. Carlos Sierra, Pastor

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